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21st century technologies for
aerospace development



The mobilizing strategic project AERO21 is structured according to two components making it possible to respond to major trends in the aeronautics sector.

Part 1, Virtual development , aims to develop methodologies and tools to virtualize the design stages of aircraft or aircraft components up to their certification.

Part 2, Connected Operations , aims to capitalize on developments in the booming field of information and communications technologies, such as big data and artificial intelligence, connectivity and the Internet of Things to connect with each other. The various links in the complete manufacturing chain of our products and to optimize its performance. 

A propos


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Virtual Aircraft Development Framework

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New open innovation cluster in avionics

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ANOVA project


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Application of additive manufacturing for composite materials in aeroderivative gas turbines


Projet PolyCSAM

Rapports Annuels

Final public report

At the end of the project, the organization produced a final public report to present the results of the sub-projects and report on the achievement of objectives.

Annual Reports

Each year, the organization produces an annual report aimed at presenting the progress of the past year and the next priorities.

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