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Airplane Above the Clouds

Our Work

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Thales is a research and technology company that focuses its efforts on security innovation. What sets Thales apart from other research companies is its rich history and international footprint. With experienced researchers working on operations in more than 60 countries, Thales innovates all over the world.



Thales Canada's Colibri project aims to design a virtual environment to safely develop control systems for future means of mobility (flying taxis or small electric planes). The main goal of this project is to ensure privacy, security and innovation/smooth development to take mobility as we know it to the next level.

Progress of the past year

In the last year, progress has been made in increasing the realism of the simulation, by integrating software bricks simulating a possible flight control system (control computers, cockpit sensors, avionics systems) and by transforming the functional simulation flight control in a format that could be hosted in physical computers on a real-time operating system.


In addition, the details of the real regulators imagined for this type of framework have been characterized.

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Efforts for the next year

At the level of the urban transport aircraft simulation, it is planned to add the functions making it possible to manage the redundancy between the multiple sensors of the system as well as between the various flight control computers in order to determine which computer is in control of the system and how the transitions from one computer to another are carried out in a safe manner, following a failure.

In addition, for the future, they advise to develop the first version of the physical flight control controller platform, hosting a first version of low-level software that can accommodate several functional applications.

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