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Application of additive manufacturing for composite materials in aeroderivative gas turbines

The Siemens Energy Canada project aims to explore the possibilities of creating gas turbine components using additive manufacturing and composite materials. The objective of this project is to create functional parts printed in composites capable of keeping good mechanical properties.


Progress of the past year

Siemens has completed the static and dynamic tests of the specimens printed with the continuous carbon fiber in collaboration with the National Research Council Canada (NRC) and an SME, the tensile stress tests on more than 30 samples as well as the fatigue tests dynamics have made it possible to characterize the mechanical and physico-chemical properties of the additive manufacturing process. The results agreed with the predictions.


Efforts for the next year

Although the project is theoretically complete, printing of the parts and quality control are planned for this spring, but the date of the validation tests on the turbines remains to be determined due to the delays induced by the pandemic.

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