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Airplane Above the Clouds

Our Work

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CAE Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of simulation technologies, modeling and training services. Their services are offered to airlines, defense forces, health specialists and aircraft manufacturers.

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Progress of the past year

Digital Acceleration and Value Optimization in Aerospace (ANOVA)

CAE and their ANOVA project aims to redefine CAE's engineering processes and methods by stimulating a modern manufacturing and technological ecosystem capable of supporting its development and increasing its competitiveness in the markets.

Efforts for the next year

The Data Lake's technological infrastructure has enabled the development of intelligent algorithms that are used to prioritize the signals sent to the procurement and purchasing team as well as the digitization of various related documents.


The development of the sourcing module, which helps suppliers integrate into a company's supply chain, has also made significant progress.

Following the digitization effort, CAE will initiate the development of a parts comparison system to optimize inventory management and purchasing.

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