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Airplane Above the Clouds

Polycontrols offers many services in the following areas:

  • Flow Calibration

  • Instrumentation and fluid systems

  • Metal additive manufacturing and integration

The PolyCSAM project of Polycontrols is an innovation center in hybrid additive manufacturing by cold spraying. Metal additive manufacturing is also known as metal 3D printing. It makes it possible to repair and manufacture various parts of different sizes, up to 8 meters.



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This Polycontrols project, called PolyCSAM, consists of establishing an advanced center for manufacturing parts and robotic machining. This center will allow the production, repair and assembly of parts ranging from a few centimeters to several meters in length, and weighing from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms.

Progress of the past year

Despite the pandemic, Polycontrols maintained the planned work plan. PolyCSAM has made it possible to restore aeronautical components and to start 4 collaborative research projects involving 5 industrial partners and 7 universities and research centers. Through the development of lighter structures, more efficient electric motors, more environmentally friendly repairs and safer surfaces for users, once completed, these projects will significantly strengthen the value and supply chain. of the aerospace sector in Quebec.

Efforts for the next year

For the next year, PolyCSAM will continue the collaborative research projects started as well as the activities required for the repair of real and relevant parts for the aeronautical industry. In addition, the demonstration of PolyCSAM's capabilities to produce full-scale parts (several meters in length and several hundred kilograms), in a reproducible manner and within established specifications, will be undertaken.

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