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Airplane Above the Clouds

Our Work

Logo CMC Electronics

CMC Electronics produces and designs electronic products for the aerospace industry. Their main manufacturing facility is located in Montreal, Canada. Their products include enhanced vision systems, navigation products, FMS/GPS products and head-up display systems, to name a few.

Smart Screen MFD3068

Progress of the past year

CMC continued improving the demonstration lab (screens, control panels, dashboard, etc.) as well as increasing the capacity of the open computing platform for the virtual lab. CMC has added to its platform the software and hardware necessary for other technical resources on avionic interfaces and has adapted the software simulation environments to these new requirements. Various design and development tools have been developed to support customers in the use of the laboratory. These documents present, among other things, code examples allowing customers to familiarize themselves with the product and discover the possibilities offered.

New open innovation cluster in avionics

CMC Electronics aims to create an open and collaborative avionics development environment:

  • a virtual laboratory, accessible remotely, consisting of an avionics-caliber open computing platform to allow employees to familiarize themselves with or develop their software;

  • a restricted-access demonstration laboratory on the CMC site, consisting of configurable physical cockpits for higher-fidelity testing of partner products.


The lab will replicate various cockpit environments and flight scenarios. External partners will be able to host their software or hardware products there and thus improve their operation thanks to the tests carried out in the various environments recreated on the platform.

Efforts for the next year

CMC's efforts for the next year will focus on aligning laboratories with user needs. CMC plans to increase the capacities of the computer platform, to improve the design and integration tools and to continue to expand, with the assistance of the CTA, the library of simulations.

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